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Anderson cooper dating

Going their separate ways: A rep for Anderson Cooper has confirmed to Daily that the journalist, 50 has split from his longtime boyfriend Ben Maisani, 45 (Cooper and Maisani above on Saturday) New friend: Cooper has made at least five weekend trips to Dallas since December 20, where he spends time with radiologist Victor Lopez (Cooper and Lopez above in a photo posted on January 8 in Dallas)Swole twins: 'Benjamin and I separated as boyfriends some time ago.

He has also been seen getting cozy with another attractive gentleman in recent photos, suggesting that he and Cooper may just be friends or their fling is over.

Cooper even agreed to pose for a picture with the manager, though Lopez did not join him in the photo.

That trip came after Cooper had performed his AC2 show in New York City alongside Andy Cohen, with his live in Maisani one of the guests in attendance.

The social media posts were made as grief-stricken families buried their dead in Florida, said Cooper.“What all these tweets reveal is the thinking of the most powerful man in the world and his priorities,” Cooper said.